Standing in the lush hills of Angamarca, Ecuador during an environmental service trip in January 2015.

Ciao! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Kristina, lover of travel, hobby photographer, and always seeking out new adventure. After studying abroad in Florence for a semester, I fell in love with travel writing, cultural experiences, and service-learning. I began writing this blog for a college requirement, but soon took an interest in it beyond the educational aspect. From photographing architectural beauty, trying new foods, and taking incredible risks outside of my comfort zone, I’ve written about all of it here. I wanted to create entertaining material about my experiences so I could translate how amazing they were to my readers, while also educating about history and culture. I wanted to go beyond being a tourist.

After returning home from Florence, I have maintained the blog and have continued to write about travel adventures and my experiences in New Jersey doing AmeriCorps. Italy made me realize the importance of taking risks and taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. Follow my exciting experiences and see how life abroad has influenced and is leading my life today.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kkmulberry

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