Headed back to my second home!

In a few days I will be jet-setting back over to Europe! Destination…FLORENCE! 

I’ve tried to keep this trip under wraps and most of family and friends don’t even know I am going. I thought it would be fun to surprise everyone since this was kind of a last minute and totally impulsive decision. I’m going with my amazing friend, Diana, who I met in Florence while we were studying abroad together. We’ve remained great friends since, and still have the same love and passion for traveling. Both of us couldn’t resist the reasonable flight prices to Europe that have been popping up recently. Combine that, with the almost equal conversion rate for dollars to euros, and we were sold!

This time around, I won’t be live blogging like I did in Florence last year, (it was just way too stressful to edit/write/upload posts late at night, while I was already sleep deprived and struggling from the time change.) So much of my adventure will be posted here within the coming few weeks once I get back to the U.S.

If you want to come along for the adventure live, follow me on Instagram to see my daily picture postings and Instagram Stories, @kkmulberry.

Diana and I, November 2013, in Roma, Italia.

Stay tuned! xoxo

Mulberry Ink

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