Finding inspiration through abstract.

I know. I have been on a small hiatus lately, but it was much needed. After the absolutely dreadful year that 2016 was, I wanted to spend the last few weeks doing literally nothing. I love writing here and taking pictures but sometimes I put so much stress on myself if I don’t constantly commit or practice. I did however, want to release all the stress from 2016 and truly relax with a passion I’ve had for a long time.

Throughout the fall season I kept admiring some different abstract artists on Instagram. Their works were beautiful and they inspired me to want to do something of my own, but I procrastinated a bit probably because I was scared I wouldn’t be amazing at it right off the bat. I used to paint back in high school, but that was quite a long time ago and honestly, I didn’t take to it very well. I found it mostly frustrating using acrylics for a still-life or landscape piece and was always way too hard on myself if it didn’t develop how I wanted. I took art lessons during the week for over 5 years and mostly focused on charcoal illustration which I adored. Charcoal was 100% my favorite medium, it was so fun to use for shading and depth.

I gravitated towards this new abstract style of art because it wasn’t something I could hate because it didn’t look identical to a picture or object. It’s sort of like a visual stream-of-consciousness, paint what you feel. So over the Holidays I picked up a paint brush for the first time in almost 6 years, put on some feel good music, and completely let go.


I couldn’t be more happy with my first work since 2010. It was so therapeutic, I wasn’t thinking about if I had made something the right color or if my proportions were incorrect, I just let my mind be free with each brushstroke. After a few layers of colorful paint, I could see the direction it was going and followed.

Having completed my first work // The Storm //  I’m off and working on my second piece (which is the yellow one in the back.) I can’t want to share my future pieces and I hope this can inspire you to try out this amazing form of art therapy. Cheers to starting 2017 with positive vibes and colorful motivation!

Now that I’m feeling more inspired these are some of the posts coming soon, so keep me on your radar!
-A World Away in Disney
-Christmas in New York City
-Bin Enoteca 25 Restaurant Review
-Snowshoeing in Franconia Notch
-My Journey on Whole 30 Program
-Exploring the New Eataly Boston

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