Horsing around in Western Mass.

Ever since my best friend, Natalie, and I watched the Unbranded documentary up on Netflix…we have been obsessed with becoming the main characters of the film, and of course we’ve become obsessed with horses. In an attempt to fulfill our wildest fantasies of riding horseback from Mexico to Canada, we spent a nice brisk Saturday morning trekking out to Western Mass. to hang with some horses.

In Princeton, MA lies Cornerstone Ranch, a family run business. Where the staff is friendly and accommodating, and the horses calm and beautiful. We couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more. We sipped on a nice cup of complimentary hot chocolate, were briefed on etiquette and safety, and then quickly hopped on our assigned horses. Mine was named Dusty, and Natalie’s was named Hercules, and they both were Palominos. Naturally they also were best friends (just like Natalie and I,) who always needed to be beside one another during the trail ride.

Here’s Dusty, the horse I rode. img_8657-5
And Hercules, Natalie’s horse.img_8662-6 img_8711-2img_8676-1img_8728-3img_8749-4We rode for about 2 hours in the scenic New England woods. With most of the foliage gone from the trees, there were some spots on the trail where you could spot Boston far on the horizon. It was refreshing feeling the fall breeze, and quite calming to appreciate the nature all around us. Though it was no Glacier National Park in Montana, we still had a spectacular time riding.

After our trail ride, we ventured home and stumbled upon probably one of the coolest spots I have discovered yet in New England. It was completely unexpected, and once we saw it in the distance, we immediately turned around to explore. Placed perfectly on the water was the Old Stone Church of West Boylston. Open to all to visit, it’s a very old church with a rich history of notorious fires and difficulties. Finally after many years the town invested money to preserve, rebuild, and deem it a local landmark.

It’s an amazing sight to see when driving over the bridge nearby and I would definitely recommend a visit on a leisure Sunday drive. img_8809-2-10img_8821-1-11img_8768-5img_8781-6img_8789-8img_8788-7img_8792-9

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