Staying cozy in Hollis, New Hampshire.

Mid-October was peak season in New Hampshire for foliage. We received a lot of rain in the coming days that unfortunately quickly took all the bright beautiful colors away. However about half of the trees hadn’t turned yet, so some areas got super lucky with another wave of autumn foliage. This second round wasn’t as brilliant with vibrant oranges or yellows, but rather it was more rustic. Deep burgundy, mustard yellows, and brown/orange tones now made up the rural scenery.

Eager to take advantage of the rest of fall, I wandered to my favorite and the most picturesque little town in Southern New Hampshire. Nashua isn’t very quaint or photogenic, but a quick 10 minute ride will take you back in time, to fresh farms, a cute town square, and unbelievable back roads with foliage. Hollis is the best for local farmers markets such as Lull or Brookdale, or for a great breakfast at the Hollis Country Kitchen. The whole town is scattered with historical sites and New England architecture, making it perfect for a Sunday drive.
The foliage was incredible. We decided to go for a walk, because leaf-peeping while driving past just wasn’t cutting it. Massive old trees and cute white fences lined the street while we glided across the freshly fallen leaves, crackling under our feet. I was bundled up with this J.Crew City Coat (which is now on sale, 40% off online) and with my hand-knit gray and soft turquoise scarf. (More posts to come soon.) img_8404-8img_8402-7img_8399-6img_8405-9img_8411-10img_8359-4
We walked more, laughing and enjoying the bright sunny fall day and eventually ended up at the hands down best place in Hollis…Lull. img_8438-11img_8485-14
We chowed on the last of the seasonal apple cider donuts from Lull Farm, which was quite a ghost town with all the apple picks, pumpkins sold, and leaves fallen.img_8494-15
YUM! img_8469-13
The fall season is sadly coming to an end. Until next autumn, Ciao!

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