New England Grilled Fluffernutter Recipe

Fall isn’t over yet, actually here in New England we have a second round of beautiful foliage peaking right now. The first came in mid-October and now the rest is finally catching up. To me, fall is the perfect time to indulge in this super simple, yet iconic recipe.

Today, I am throwing it back to my elementary school days, where my favorite foods were peanut butter, fluff, and bread…also known as a Fluffernutter Sandwich. This is totally an authentic New England staple, having been invented in Massachusetts, it’s become a part of our culture here. Most people in other parts on the country don’t even know what Fluff is, and they sure don’t know the deliciousness of a homemade Fluffernutter. My recipe takes this tradition up a notch. I’ve added in some easy household ingredients to make the flavor more unique and I’ve thrown it on the grill to warm you up for the cold weather to come.

Here is what you’ll need for my authentic New England Grilled Fluffernutter with a honey butter glaze:

White Bread (I use Texas Toast, it’s best to use thick bread when grilling. It will keep a great height and not thin out into a pancake.)
Chunky Peanut Butter (JIF or Skippy)
Marshmallow Fluff
1 Stick of Butter
Brown Sugar (light or brown works just fine.)

I love JIF, some people might argue that Skippy is the way to go. Doesn’t matter. Pick up whatever kind your heart desires or even the kind you always had as a kid. But I do advise you to try chunky peanut butter with this recipe, it will add a nice crunch to your melted fluff heaven. img_8124-1img_8144-3
Start by spreading the chunky peanut butter on one slice of the bread, and of course some Marshmallow Fluff on the other. (Nothing too hard here.)img_8167-4img_8186-7
Once on the grille, evenly spread some melted butter onto the outside of the sandwich. This will give an excellent glaze once they are done. To give it a little something special, I’ve added some honey and brown sugar to my butter glaze. It’s a simple addition, but you’ll be thanking me after you take your first bite. img_8176-5
I have a Pampered Chef Grill Pan, which gives paninis, chicken, vegetables, etc. some beautiful charred grille marks, like an outdoor one would do. If you don’t have a pan like this one, any other sauté pan would work just fine.  img_8184-6
Once they are done, cut them diagonally in half and see the magic for yourself! As I enjoyed mine I was overcome with childhood nostalgia.

Feel free to make your own additions too. I’ve seen recipes that add sliced bananas, or Nutella, and even bacon (YUM that one would be amazing). The possibilities are endless with a sweet and savory combo such as this one. Marshmallow Fluff also makes a flavored Strawberry Fluff that is usually hard to find in stores, but nothing an Amazon purchase can’t fix! img_8197-8img_8237-10img_8242-11img_8223-9img_8244-12img_8247-13

Enjoy! Let me know what you think of them. Xxx

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