Last minute surprise in Washington D.C.

This past summer has been a complete reorganization; job, apartment, personal life, you name it. But I’m not the only one feeling the lasting chaos from summer, so is my sister, who is moving all the way from Tucson, Arizona to Washington D.C. She has also been graced with finding a new place to live, new job, and rediscovering the East Coast after spending a few years in the Sonoran desert.

My father and her spent a week and half driving all the way from Arizona. Through New Mexico, Texas, Kentucky, all while stopping at bourbon distilleries and iconic cities such as Austin and Nashville. I wish I could have made the trip with them, because it would have been blogging gold to drive across country.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t. So I did the next best thing…I took a couple days off from work and met them when they arrived in D.C. Secretly, I devised a plan with my Dad to surprise her and was able to keep it under wraps successfully!

I landed at Reagan airport late on Wednesday night, after a direct and quick flight from Boston. (The prices were irresistible and the options plentiful. With flights leaving from Logan every hour, it definitely makes for a perfect weekend getaway spot, being affordable and easy.) Needless to say, she was happily and totally surprised and we were both excited to spend the next day together exploring D.C.

On Thursday we hopped around the city, sightseeing, visiting museums, and of course taking in the beautiful architecture. (D.C. has some breathtaking buildings – the Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Building, Capitol Building, African American History Museum, the Smithsonian, but they also have a lot of really dated buildings. It makes for a weird mix of styles, make sure you stick around the Mall to catch some classics.)

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Executive Building, right next to the White House.img_7173-13img_7175-14img_7150-8The stunning red bricks of the Smithsonian Museum, off the National Mall.

We spent a couple hours at the International Spy Museum, learning about history, artifacts, cover ups, dead drops, and investigating an entire exhibition on James Bond. The Spy Museum also has Interactive Spy Experiences. From, Operation Spy, a one-hour live action adventure in the museum, to their D.C spy bike tour, Spy in the City, the museum brings the experience to another level. It was massive and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something a little different than the National Museums.

The rest of the day was spent walking from the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument, and then to the new WWII Memorial. It was quite a long walk…from the Capitol Building to the Lincoln, it’s about 2.5 miles. We stopped to take pictures, gazed at the gorgeous grass (I was obsessed with how soft and perfectly groomed it was) and chatted about our young vibrant lives…

It definitely was a cloud one in D.C. that day.img_6997-4img_7147-7
The mesmerizing grass at the National Mall. (You can see the Lincoln in the far distance.) img_6973-3
Payed a visit to a beautiful fountain right outside the National Archives Building. We relaxed on a bench for a while, and then eventually strolled past the White House on our way back to the Mayflower Hotel. img_6943-2There was so much more to see! I wanted to take in the view from the Lincoln Memorial, pay another visit to the Newseum (which is my favorite museum in D.C), and catch some modern art exhibits at the Smithsonian. Good thing I will have a valid excuse to shoot down to D.C for a spare of the moment long weekend trip. Lots of sister visits to come and more on the blog soon!

What are some of your favorite museums to visit in Washington D.C.? Also any food or restaurant recommendations? Let me know, I’m eager to explore more during my next mini trip!

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